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How to import ID3 tags from CSV?


CSV files are plain-text files that contain some values separated by a special character. CSV stands for "Comma-Separated Values". A CSV file can easily be loaded into a spreadsheet application and processed as a table. Unlike XLS or other similar spreadsheet formats, it does not depend on a specific application and can be processed on any platform. All popular spreadsheet programs support CSV files, so it is possible to export any table into a CSV file.

ID3 tags are special fields of MP3 files that contain information about artist, title, year, album, etc.

You can import ID3 tags from a CSV file using mp3Tag Pro. The program is also capable of exporting tags to CSV files, so you can use this feature to backup and restore your ID3 tags, process them with a spreadsheet application, or import them from a database.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download mp3Tag Pro to your computer and start the file. Follow the setup instructions of the wizard to install the tag editor.

Step 2: Start the program. Select MP3 files.

Launch mp3Tag Pro. In the "Folders" area on the left, select the folder containing the MP3 files you want to import tags to.

Select a folder with MP3 files

If your files are stored in several folders, select the parent folder, like on the screenshot above (1). After this, click on the "Scan subfolders" button to show all files from the subfolders (2).

Select MP3 files

When you see files instead of folders, click the "Select all" button (1). After this, click "Generate tags" (2) under the list of files.

Step 3: Import MP3 tags from CSV.

A new window will open.

Select your CSV file

Switch to the "Tags from textfile" tab (1). Into the "Textfile" field, enter the path to your CSV file with tags (2). You can click on the folder icon to browse for the file instead of entering its path manually.

But even though we have already selected our CSV file, the preview area is completely empty. This is because of the wrong format in the "Format" field on the left.

Let's enter the correct format. If you exported tags using mp3Tag Pro, this format was used by default:


You can see the meaning of each variable in the list next to the "Format" field. Our format translates as:

Filename;Track number;Title;Artist;Album;Year;Genre;

Importing ID3 from CSV

Depending on your CSV file, you may need to use a different format. Just write down the order of values in your CSV file and then translate them into variables. Use the correct separator character (in our example, it's the semicolon character).

Filenames in your CSV file must match real filenames. This makes sure that information is imported into the correct files.

Finally, click the "Generate tags" button to import ID3 tags from the CSV file.

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