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How to keep track of my borrowed music albums?


The problem of forgetting where some particular disc is or who borrowed it is rather common for a music collector. Making some kind of registry manually may take ages to complete, so let's see if any automatic solution is available. As the example of such tool, Musicnizer appears to be handy enough not to take much time when operating with a registry of albums and convenient when it comes to keeping music data.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download Musicnizer to a known location. Run the downloaded setup program and follow its instructions.

Step 2: Start the program. Open Loan manager.

Launch Musicnizer and take a look at the toolbar above.

Toolbar of the music organizer

The "Loan manager" button opens a new window which provides us with all necessary functions to always remember where albums from our music collection are.

Music loan manager

The loan manager appears to be intuitive and simple. To make a first record about a loan, just choose an album from your music library that you have added previously (we discussed how to add an album to Musicnizer in another topic) in the drop-down list. After that choose or create a new location of your music album that represents the borrower. To do so, click the "..." button near the "Location" drop-down list.

Add a music loan

The new window opens, enabling us to create new borrowers, edit the existing or delete unused ones. Make all wanted changes and click "OK" to save them. After this you can choose the new created borrower among locations. In the next three fields you may specify loan, due, and return dates. The due date will allow you to remember when to ask your CD back.

After creating a loan, hit "Save" to apply all changes or "Close the window" to cancel them.

As you can see, the music album manager will keep track of the CDs that you give to listen, and you can always check the location of any particular album in its "Edit info" menu, "General" tab, "Parameters" subtab:

Location of your music CD

The trial version of Musicnizer allows to add 20 albums to one database. Register the program to remove all limitations.

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