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How to manage my music collection on a Dune HD media player?


Dune HD media player is a device that enables you to experience superior audio and video quality while watching movies or listening to music. Capable of playing almost every video/audio format over the network or from media storage devices, Dune is a universal media center for family entertainment.

One of its interesting features is the ability to show your media collection not as a list of files and folders, but as an informative catalog. It means that items of your music or video collection can be displayed as movie or album covers. Also such catalog allows searching and sorting movies and music by categories and displaying additional information.

Musicnizer is the only tool so far capable of creating a Dune catalog for your audio collection.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download Musicnizer to a known location. Run the downloaded setup program and follow its instructions.

Step 2: Start the program. Create your music database.

After the program starts, you will see a demo album database and Musicnizer will prompt you to create a new one. So click "File" - "New database", choose a name and a destination folder for your music collection database, then hit "Save".

New database

Now you we can add some albums to your local music database. To do so, click "Add album" on the toolbar.

Add album to the music database

A new window will pop up. Pick the "From files and folders" option.

Add albums from files and folders

In the folder structure tree on the right, check folders containing music files that you want to add to your album collection in Musicnizer. Hit the "Find audio" button to scan the selected folders for audio files. Musicnizer will find your albums and populate the list on the left. The program extracts information from ID3 tags or filenames. Check the list and edit wrong album names (all titles can be edited). If you want to remove an album from the list, click the red cross button next to it.

Finally, click "Next" to populate your own music library database.

Step 3: Create Dune music catalog.

Now we have all necessary information, including album covers, genres, list of artists, links to audio files. So let's use this information to create a music catalog for our Dune player.

Click "Tools" - "Create Dune album catalog":

Start creating Dune music catalog

A wizard will show up:

Specify a folder for your Dune music catalog

In the first step, enter some path. This is where Dune catalog files will be saved. Adjust network settings by clicking on the "Network settings" link (if necessary) and hit "Next" to proceed.

Here we can select categories for our Dune album catalog. Categories allow us to sort albums in different ways on our Dune.

Choose how to sort music on your Dune

Dune plays media files from playlists of every directory, so if you want to be able to play separate songs on your Dune, check "Create the directory structure for every track". After all options set, click "Next".

The next step is very important: here you choose the correct connection type between the storage device where you keep your media files and Dune.

Define how music files are to be accessed by Dune

From the dropdown list on the right, select a connection type. "Network resource" means that Dune should access music files over a network. If files are directly available to your Dune (located on an internal HDD, on an external HDD or USB flash drive connected to Dune), select the "Disk is connected to Dune" option. Specify login and password for network folders, if your folders are password-protected (but do not enter anything if they are simple shares!). Click "Next".

Choose albums to include into the Dune catalog

In this step, select albums you want to add to your Dune catalog and click "Next".

Select templates and backgrounds for Dune

The last step shows you a preview of the catalog and allows to choose background images for album information. For advanced options, click the "Pattern settings" link. Finally, click "Create" to build a music catalog for your Dune.

Now simply open the newly created album catalog with the file browser of your Dune and enjoy the full-featured advanced navigation containing covers, band photos, album reviews, and other details.

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