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How do I get ID3 tags from the Internet?


If you have a pretty large collection of music, sometimes you may find MP3 files (we take MP3 as an example, though there may be FLAC, APE, or some other type of files) that don't contain any information whatsoever. Their ID3 fields are totally empty, filenames look like 'track01.mp3', 'track02.mp3' and so on.

Should you tag the files manually?

Well, this is not necessary if the files are from the same album. It is possible to get data about the album from the Internet using some ID3 tagger, like mp3Tag Pro.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download mp3Tag Pro to a known location. Run setup and follow on-screen instructions to install the application.

Step 2: Start the program. Select your audio files with missing information.

Launch the MP3 tag editor. Enter the path to your files with missing data in the address field of the program, or just browse to the folder by double clicking folders (Explorer-like navigation). You can also select the folder from the directory tree on the left.

ID3 tags are empty

Select all files from the album. Click the "Generate tags" button below.

Select files and click Generate

Step 3: Get data from FreeDB. Save tags.

A new window will pop up. Make sure that the "Get data from FreeDB" tab is selected. On this tab, click the "Get album info" button.

Get data from FreeDB

mp3Tag Pro will connect to a FreeDB server to download ID3 tags from the Internet. This means that your computer should be connected to the internet, and mp3Tag Pro should be allowed through your firewall.

A list of available albums that match your files will be shown in the dropdown menu. Select the appropriate one and save tags.

As next, you can rename your files using the downloaded information (for example, you can rename your files to look like "track number - artist - title"). You can also close the window and fetch cover art, lyrics etc.

Download lyrics and cover art

This method works only if you have the whole album, and all tracks are in their original order.

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