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How to create a playlist?

1. Launch 1st MP3 Tag Editor.

2. Select files for your playlist in the main window of mp3Tag Editor.

Select files to create a playlist

3. Press the button "Create playlists" .

Button Create playlists

4. If the selected files contain mp3 tags the program will generate a table in the "Rename/Generate/FreeDB/Playlists" window. You will be able to edit the tags.

edit mp3 tags

5. In the "Playlists and Export" tab select an operation out of the fall-out menu: create a M3U or a PLS playlist.

Select how to save the playlist

6. Press the button "Save playlist or Export data" to save the playlist.

Save the playlist

7. In the emerging "Save As" dialog box select a location for your playlist. Press the button "Save".

Select a directory to save the playlist

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