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How to edit FLAC tags?


FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec. It's an open royalty-free codec and audio file format. FLAC is often used to store high-quality music. Unlike MP3 or other popular lossy formats, FLAC files contain identical audio copies of the corresponding tracks. No information is lost when you convert into this format, which is why it is 'lossless'.

Similar to MP3 and other audio formats, FLAC files may contain tags. Tags are special data blocks inside a file with information like artist, title, album, year, lyrics, album art, etc.

You can add, remove, edit, download FLAC tags using mp3Tag Pro.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download mp3Tag Pro to your computer and start the file. Follow instructions of the setup wizard to install the FLAC editor.

Step 2: Start the program. Open a folder with FLAC.

Launch mp3Tag Pro. The main window will be shown.

Select FLAC files

On the left, there is a "Folders" area. It is similar to Windows Explorer. Select a folder containing your FLAC files.

All files from the folder will be shown in the main area on the right. mp3Tag Pro reads tags from the files and displays them directly in the list.

If you select a folder that contains FLAC files, but no files are displayed, check if the FLAC format is enabled in the "View" - "Show files" menu:

File types

Using this menu, you can also hide file types that you do not want to process.

Step 3: Edit FLAC tags.

Let's edit our FLAC tags. As we can see on the first screenshot, our album field looks like "Time [Disc 1]", and the disc number field is empty. We would like to remove the [Disc 1] part from the album field and specify 1 as the disc number.

We can easily select all files in the folder using the green checkmark button on the right (highlighted on the first screenshot).

Edit FLAC tags

Now we simply enter the desired album name and disc number and click the "Save tags" button on the toolbar.

This will change FLAC tags for all selected files. The rest of the fields will not be affected (that's the meaning of the "<keep>" placeholder).

In the same way, you can edit other fields of the FLAC tags. Additionally, FLAC tags can be downloaded from the internet, extracted from filenames, imported from a CSV file, etc. mp3Tag Pro can also download lyrics and cover art for the files.

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