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How do I improve quality of videos and old movies?


Most people have different kinds of videos or older movies that are not quite fit for watching: the quality is bad (either initially, or because of the age of the media, if you take a video cassette), there is some noise, the picture is blurry, or dark etc. However, they keep the movie in their collection simply because it's too valuable, and there is no way to obtain a better copy.

The situation is pretty usual... which means that there should be solutions.

We will talk about one of them. EnhanceMovie is a simple and yet powerful tool to improve quality of videos.

Step 1: Download and install the program.

Download EnhanceMovie to a known location. Start setup package by double-clicking it and follow the on-screen instructions to install the application.

Step 2: Start the program. Open your video file.

Start the video enhancer program. The main window appears:

EnhanceMovie main window

Click the "OPEN" button on the toolbar. It will invoke a usual "Open" system dialog. Browse to the location of your video file, select the file, click "Open".

The video will be loaded to the program. This process takes virtually no time.

Step 3: Play with filters. Save the file with the adjusted quality.

By default, the "Easy Fix" tab is shown on the left pane. By clicking "Magic Enhance" button you can make a quick adjustment suitable for most videos.

Magic Enhance is applied

If the adjustment is sufficient, just click "Add" in the lower part of the window, then save the changes by clicking the "SAVE" button.

However, the program allows you to apply many filters at once, to fine tune the picture the way you want it. Add the required filters one by one to the "Applied filters" list. There are many filters available, just click "Filters" tab on the left pane:


Also, you can add a number of effects to your video:


The trial version of EnhanceMovie adds a logo to the enhanced videos. You can remove this restriction with your personal registration data after purchasing.

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