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How to sort duplicate music files by ID3 tags?


Finding duplicate music files on your computer might turn into a real headache, especially if you are doing it manually just using the search. Sure it will take hours if you are deleting songs with the same name and artist or any other combination. ID3 tags are metadata inside each audio file that contains that information and even more, such as release year, genre and so on. The best way to make your task much easier and faster is to use a media managing tool.

Music Duplicate Remover is a user-friendly program that will allow you to find duplicates by ID3 tags in seconds. Its other unique features include sorting the duplicate files automatically. Follow our easy step-by-step tutorial below to find out how to find musical duplicates using ID3 tags.

Step 1: Download and launch the program

Download Music Duplicate Remover, launch the installation wizard and follow the instructions. Note that there is also a one-click installation mode.

Step 2: Add files and find duplicates

First, select the folder you would like the program to scan in the directory tree of your PC on the left

Choose folders

Once the folders are selected, go to the 'Search options' tab and select the 'Compare' option from the dropdown menu. Select 'By ID3 tags' in the dropdown menu.

Search options

Next, click on the 'Show settings' link to the right to customize your ID3 tag search settings.

Hide settings

Here you can tick the boxes with characteristics that you would like the program to look for while searching for duplicates.

Show settings

Once you are done with the settings, simply click on the 'Find duplicates' button on the toolbar on top.

Find duplicates button

Step 3: Select an action for the duplicates

After the search is finished the program will offer you to select an action that can be done with the duplicates.

Duplicates action

You can also adjust these settings before the scan

Before scan 1

Before scan 2

or after the scan.

After scan

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